Amey Cespa Milton Keynes ProjectAmey Cespa Milton Keynes Project

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Broadpath In Vessel Composting FacilityBroadpath In Vessel Composting Facility

Celtic BioEnergy is a technology supplier of proven cutting edge technology in the field of renewable biogas production and organic waste treatment. Renewable bioenergy can be generated using the following feedstocks:

-Municipal Waste;
-Food Waste;
-Agricultural Waste;

Celtic BioEnergy has effectively deployed efficient Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and Composting process technologies through turn-key projects. These facilities generate renewable energy in the form of 'Gas, Electricity, and Heat' with the facilities being configured according to our Customer and Market demands.

Focusing on the UK and Irish market Celtic BioEnergy has built up an impressive portfolio of projects over its history (see 'History' tab & 'Jones Celtic BioEnergy' tab).

Celtic BioEnergy products and services are driven by the Environmental and Renewable Energy Policies that make it attractive to convert bio-waste and biomass into energy.

Celtic BioEnergy is always on the look-out for partners to work with in the development of bioenergy solutions. To date these have included Businesses, Farmers, Waste Companies, Local Authorities, Financiers who have realized robust, sustainable and economically attractive solutions that generate attractive recurring long term income streams. 


In November 2010, H.A. O' Neill Limited (Jones Engineering Group) and Celtic BioEnergy Limited agreed a 50:50 Joint Venture aimed at combining the pooled IP, market knowledge and leads, financial and resource expertise to allow efficiencies and greater market penetration. The JV was fully incorporated on 13th September 2011 and is currently working in Scotland, North of England, South of England and Ireland with significant growth plans afoot.