Celtic Composting Systems Limited ("CCS") was incorporated in Ireland (Company 350269) on 19th November 2001 through its founding members Dr Andrew Walsh, James Twomey and Craig Benton. In its earliest form, CCS self-invested and tested the feasibility and marketability of its developed systems. Following early successes CCS scaled up with support from shareholders and Enterprise Ireland and later with new freshly injected investment.


On 27th January 2009, CCS re-branded to Celtic BioEnergy Limited ("CBE")  to reflect the changing profile of its target market and on 13th September 2011 CBE formally joined forces with the Jones Engineering Group ("JEG") to take the Jones Celtic BioEnergy Limited Joint Venture Company ("JCBE") into the new era thus harnessing CBE's wealth of experience and the JEG engineering acumen and resource strength.


The core CCS project deliveries in the early evolution of the Company follow in the matrix below (for further details of JCBE follow the related tab and address). In addition to the listed projects CCS and CBE have carried out significant and diverse study and report commissions.




Project Location Summary Overview Employer
 Ballinasloe Composting Facility  Galway, Ireland  Design and install small composting facility (1,000tpa) Containers  Galway County Council
Ballyduff Beg Composting Facility Clare, Ireland  Design and install small composting facility (2,500tpa) Containers Clare County Council
Three Towns Composting system Dungarvan, Tramore and Ardmore Design, supply, install and commission a 2 container plus aerated static pile ("ASP") system 1,700tpa Waterford County Council
Waddock Composting Facility Carlow,Ireland Design modification and build of Mixed commercial organics (landscape, food, paper, wood) 7,000tpa facility Waddock Composting
Dundalk V&W Composting Facility Louth, Ireland  Design and install small composting facility for green and wood waste  (3,000tpa)  V & W Recycling Ltd
 Johnstown Composting Facility West Meath,Ireland   Design and build a 2 tunnel composting facility (2,5000tpa) Michael Dolan, Johnstown Recycling 
Aran Island Pasteurisation Facility Aran Islands, Ireland Design, supply and install small pasteurisation system. Timpealacht na Oileann
Carrowbrowne in vessel composting facility (IVCF) Galway, Ireland Design and build an extension to the facility to include for a new reception building five in-vessel tunnels and a compost storage building for source separated household and commercial organics (landscape, food, paper, wood) 9,000tpa Galway City Council
GÁMAÞJÓNUSTAN in-vessel compost system Reykjavik, Iceland  Design and install a Source separated commercial organics and drop-off green waste/mobile in-vessel compost system 1,000 tpa expandable to 6,000tpa GÁMAÞJÓNUSTAN HF
Broadpath IVC Mid Devon, England Design and build a turn key composting facility. Source separated household organics (landscape, food, paper, wood) 8,000tpa Viridor UK 
Kilbarry Phase 1 - 3   Waterford, Ireland Design, supply, install and commission 2 x 10 (total 20 containers) plus ASP system to 10,000tpa with subsequent upgrades and developments Waterford City Council 
 Adamstown BioGas  Wexford, Ireland Joint venture between CCS and Patrick Berridge to demonstrate the capabilities of the wet anaerobic digestion technology in the processing of a wide range of organics. Subsequently up-graded to ABPR standards through the inclusion of a pasteurization unit and HACCP plan. Bovine manure, commercial food waste, biosolids 5,000tpa  Patrick Berridge
 Rose Hill Gloucester, England  Design and provide aeration and process control systems for a 7 tunnel IVC system 25,000tpa   Mark Bennion Potatos
Deepmoor IVC  North Devon, England  Design and build a turn key composting facility. Source separated household organics (landscape, food, paper, wood) 15,000tpa Devon County Council